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Main Causes of Cellulite

Main Causes of Cellulite


There are many known and speculated causes of cellulite, and they vary widely. This is a condition that affects many people around the world, but it is most common in women. The appearance of the skin changes where there are fat deposits underneath. This makes skin look dimply and for it to have a bumpy look to it. Mostly the appearance of this condition is concentrated in the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, but can show in other places such as the arms. People have referred to cellulite by saying that it looks like cottage cheese, or has an orange peel like appearance.

Hormonal factors are thought to be a big part of why someone begins this development. Estrogen present in women is believed to have an effect on cellulite production, although there is some debate over this. Other hormonal causes may be from insulin imbalances, and thyroid problems can contribute as well.

Gender is one of the more well known factors that determines who is likely to develop cellulite. Although men are sometimes affected, it is much more commonly present in women. Somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of females who are past the age of puberty develop this aesthetic problem.

Weight gain has been associated with the formation of fat deposits since skin can be stretched when gaining weight. This will make dimples and lumps to be more prominent. Rapid weight loss can also be a reason since skin will become looser after someone loses weight. Developing a healthy diet and exercise regime can help reduce the fatty deposits under the skin, although many women can have this problem even when they take good care of their bodies.

Stress can be another component that many do not consider. People who have high levels of stress are more likely to have increased levels of certain hormones. These hormones have been related to increasing levels of subcutaneous (situated or applied under the skin) fat deposits. Reducing stress in one’s life is important for many reasons, including being less likely to have issues with cellulite.

Those who live a more sedentary lifestyle will find themselves more prone to developing this condition. When someone is not very active, circulatory problems can occur. An insufficiency with circulatory systems and lymphatic ailments are also associated.

Pregnancy will cause weight gain, and can drastically change hormone levels, which are both associated with this condition. Additionally, stretch marks are usually one of the results pregnancy. These marks can help to accentuate the lumpy fat deposits under the skin. When stretch marks develop due to weight gain, the skin actually becomes thinner in those areas, and will make cellulite become more obvious. Women are prone to having skin that is thinner than men, and that is another reason why it is more prevalent in females.

There are hormonal factors, a genetic element, diet factors, and also stress can cause the condition to worsen. Some causes can be attributed to the direct actions of a person, such as diet and obesity. Other causes of cellulite are natural and can happen no matter how carefully someone chooses to live their life. Read more for most popular treatments suggested by cosmetic professionals.


Cellulite forms because of the fatty tissues that are accumulating under one’s skin. This affects the lower areas of the body including the hips, thighs, legs, abdomen, and buttocks. If you have cellulite, your skin may become dimpled and lumpy. Its appearance looks like an orange peel.

If you want to get rid of cellulites, it is important that you know the different causes why it forms. There are several causes of cellulites. They can be classified into 2 categories and these include health or medical related and poor habits and lifestyle.

Cause – Hormones

Women are much prone to get cellulites because of their estrogen, which is a hormone found in women that initiates cellulite. Imbalance of hormones can also cause cellulite.


Cause – Slow Metabolism

metabolismPeople who have slow metabolism tend to have cellulite. The reason behind it is that instead of burning fats, your body tends to store it. Due of this, cellulite may appear in your skin.


Cause – Race

Race is also one of the causes of cellulite. Researchers said that cellulite can affect more Caucasians than African Americans or Asians.



Recently, studies show that cellulite is also linked to some health conditions including the circulatory system. Once there is a presence of clogging in the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems, the blood flow is said to be constricted and the toxins are not flushed out efficiently. As results, the toxins are stored in the body fats. A fat cell is bordered by a collagen. As it expands, the tissues that bordered it alter and stretch the contour of the skin that causes it to lose firmness, which results to the formation of cellulite.

At present, there are several treatments that can help you get rid of cellulite. Depending on your preferred treatment, make sure that it is effective and will deliver results.


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