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liposuctionContrary to expectations, there is a large number of people in the general public who still cannot describe what is liposuction to adequate detail. This despite the procedure being one of the most requested form of cellulite surgery especially in the western world. Here is information about the procedure in some detail. It touches on some of the pros and cons of undergoing it.

By definition, liposuction is a surgical operation carried out, for cosmetic and not medical purposes, in order to remove excess fatty tissue from a range of body parts. A suction tool is normally inserted into the fatty tissue and used to extract the fat. The most common areas are thighs, the lower stomach area, and buttocks, but it is not uncommon to find surgeons who are asked to perform the operation in the area around the neck, arms and the back.

In most of the cases, the process takes place over a number of operations. For health reasons, there is a limited amount of fat that can be removed during a single session. The surgeon performing the procedure has to assess the patient and advise them as to what extent of fat tissue removal is practical and safe at a time.

The main advantage using liposuction in losing body fat is the time it takes to achieve visible results. Compared to other approaches, such as body exercises and dieting, the results are much faster. For people who have little time on their hands to indulge in lengthy fitness programs, this is usually the only option that is practical.

Before undergoing the procedure though, one needs to understand that there are some distinct cons. To begin with, patients must commit to not increasing weight after the process. This is because fat gained after the surgical procedure does not go back to the treated areas but will accumulate in other areas of the body, leading to a disproportionate appearance.

There is as well the possibility that if too much fat is removed, cellulite can appear even worse than it was before the operation. In addition, there is some slight danger of infection after the operation and a level of swelling. During the operation, the skin can get burned and muscle spasms are also experienced by a number of patients right after the operation.

Advances in surgical care means that a patient who has a level of body fat no longer has to undergo lengthy and tiring body exercises to attain an ideal figure. However, before one undergoes the liposuction, it is important to consider all the pros and cons. The details given ensure that you get the most of the operation without having to take undue risks. Read more for more better cellulite treatments.

Posted on Jan 17, 2014

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