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Herbs have been known to have medicinal properties and have been used for centuries to treat various ailments and skin conditions. Today, its use encompasses a wide range of benefits to the user. And cellulite control is seen as one area where herbal supplements play a major role.

Herbal Supplements for Cellulite Treatment

More about herbs

Herbs and medicinal plants are the counterparts of what medicine is today. In fact, herbs are still being used in the concoction of various natural and synthetic medicines and supplements. They are used extensively in various aspects of our life and not solely in the medical industry.

Herbal remedies may be in the form of:
• Infusions;
• Decoctions;
• Tinctures;
• Syrups;
• Infused Oils;
• Essential Oils;
• Ointments;
• Creams and Lotions;
• Herbal pills or supplements.

The effects and benefits of the above-mentioned herbal forms vary and are applicable to treat various ailments or problems. However, not all herbal products are effective. Although natural, companies that manufacture these herbal remedies have promises to the users that have not yet been proven successful.

Understanding Cellulite

Cellulite is a result of poor blood circulation due to toxins and trapped fat deposits in the body. The tissues that separate fat are also said to play an important role in the development of cellulite. When these connective tissues are separated rather than clogged up altogether, cellulite will less likely develop.

Cellulite affects men and women at varied levels due to the difference in fat deposits, body make-up, and available hormones in the body. Thus, women are more easily affected by cellulite because of fluctuations in the hormones, slower metabolism compared to men, thinner layer of skin, less body hair, and less muscle mass.

Women also tend to have cellulite in their thighs and buttocks while men generally have it in their “love handles.” Despite these differences however, the treatment of cellulite in both sexes remains relatively the same.

Herbs and Cellulite

Since herbs have medicinal properties and are said to cure various ailments, its use in the treatment of cellulite is not an entirely a new concept. In fact, the trend nowadays for beauty products or treatments is the use of these herbal-based goods.

Some herbal-based products and supplements that are said to reduce cellulite claim to have the following effects:
• Improved blood flow;
• Detoxification of the body;
• Faster metabolism;
• Spot reduction of fat;
• Natural defense on tissue degradation.

Herbal supplements that allegedly reduce cellulite are usually made up of some of these ingredients: seed and fish oil; seed and grape extract; and ginko and bilboa to name a few. Often, these natural ingredients are mixed with certain chemicals and are not in pure form when packaged as supplements to combat cellulite problems.

The common notion about herbal supplements is that it is natural therefore it must be effective. Although, natural is a better option than synthetic products, these so-called natural herbal supplements have not been approved by the FDA as a successful method to treat cellulite.

Thus, the purchase of herbal supplements in the treatment of cellulite is to be done with your own good judgment. Worthy to look into is the combination of these herbal supplements and/or herbal products with exercise, diet, and other detoxifying treatments available. Just make sure that you are to exercise caution in availing the said treatments.

Posted on Mar 15, 2015

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