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Cellulite is a bulging fat that is not found on obese people alone but on 95% of the world’s population. People are surprised when they learn that it is a disease that affects the circulatory system causing deformity on the body’s connective tissues. Cellulite has fascinated a lot of people in the medical field that is why a lot of studies and theories were conducted to find its origin. Some of them are the following:

Factors involved in the formation of cellulite

1. Digestion

Food should be chewed properly before being swallowed. It is a proven technique to promote good digestion. When food is swallowed quickly, it will not be mixed with enough saliva and it will not be grind completely. This will disrupt the sequence of hormones and enzymes needed for good digestion. Partly chewed food attracts bad bacteria and allows them to multiple once it reached the large intestines. This would produce unpleasant smelling gas commonly known as bloating and variety of improper food molecules or toxins that damage the intestines. The body then sends these toxins to the liver that converts them to harmless molecules. Through the help of the kidneys and bladder, these toxins will be removed from the body. The problem occurs when liver cannot accommodate the amount of toxins. Anything that the liver cannot hold is thrown to the fat cells that transforms to cellulites.

2. Insufficient exercise

Many health care providers and doctors agree that there is a connection between cellulite formation and poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Without proper exercise, toxins may build up along lymph drainage that blocks the toxins way out from the body. This results to bloating because of excess toxins and fluids. This blocks the blood from getting into the tissues and builds free radicals. This action prevents stored fat from being absorbed and used by the body and they become unwanted cellulites.

3. Estrogen imbalance

Estrogen is a female hormone that is accountable in softening the tissues that are responsible in closing the womb after giving birth. These hormones play an important role in childbirth.

However, estrogen imbalance has been closely linked to formation of cellulites in the women’s body. Experts have been linking excess estrogen with the weakening of connective tissues that result to unwanted lumpy fat all over the body. Estrogen imbalance together with poor blood circulation causes skin cells to acquire toxins that lead to swelling because of fluid and fat retention.

4. Too much exercise

While exercise is good for the body, too much of it can cause cellulite. Experts recently discovered that most of the serious diseases affecting Americans today are caused by free radical build-up in the body. When free radicals accumulate and affect the tissues found beneath the skin, it hurts the blood circulation. The body can effectively handle free radicals originating from brief overexertion, however if this is sustained, the free radicals are expected to ruin the blood and lymphatic circulation. This can easily be prevented through guided exercise and proper warm up before doing exercises or lifting.

In today’s world, where society dictates that being fit is a must, there is no room for cellulites. While studies show different explanations as to why cellulite exists, the same formula still works to keep that bulge from the body. Get into proper diet and exercise and never worry about cellulites again.

Posted on Jan 15, 2015

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