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Seeking for effective cellulite treatment can be a frustrating effort unless you know what works, and what is based on mere conjecture. Below is a few cellulite treatments that suggested by cosmetic surgeons always.

Cellulite Creams

Cellulite creams, cellulite gel and cellulite removal are by far the most commonly used method of cellulite therapy. There is a number of established products selling in the market that have proven effectiveness for all areas of the body and a variety of skin types. Clinical studies show that daily use of anti-cellulite creams to the problem point may allow faster results, and for a long period will have maximum effectiveness.


Mesotherapy as a form of cellulite treatment that involves the injection of drugs directly in the affected areas. It is often offered as a treatment option for one or more of the following: saggy skin, wrinkles, cellulite, arthritis, weight loss, lipomas and vascular disease. Somehow, it is a method that is very controversial. In most cases, drugs approved by FDA for other treatments are used off-label. Herbs and vitamins are often used and a typical regimen will include 10 or more sessions of cocktail injections.

Laser Massage

Another technique used as treatment is laser massage also referred as the Lipo-Laser method. The technique bears close resemblance to the use of the Endermologie machine except that this time a laser beam is used to massage the skin at the intradermic level. It is effective for managing the appearance of the skin around the thighs and the buttock area. The only drawback of the method is that it is prohibitively expensive and it will take at least a dozen sessions for any results to be apparent.


Liposuction is quite a popular cosmetic surgery suggested by plastic surgeons in cosmetic procedures as one of the cellulite treatment. Many people believe that liposuction is an effective way of managing or removing cellulite. In fact, liposuction often leads to worsening cellulite related marks on many parts of the body. To be fair, liposuction is an effective method for reducing body fat, but that is all there is to it.

If you are in search of workable ideas on how to get rid of cellulite, it is important to look for concepts backed by facts. It does not matter where the marks appear, the most effective methods work on all areas of the body. In addition, it should be effective for all types of skin: light and dark, oily as well as dry.
Dimply skin is cute on baby bottoms, but when you find it on your own, it’s just not as adorable. Cellulite, once it’s in the early stage, is extremely unnoticeable. When you squeeze your skin, you’ll see how it looks – like orange peel and has pimples. This is the early stage and it can be a reason for anxiety to lots of women. Cellulite that you usually see with the naked eye such as prominences and irregularities on the skin without squeezing it is already in the 2nd or 3rd level and this needs the right attention and correct cellulite treatment.

Rub the cellulite off

Regular rubbing of your body can cause good effects on the appearance of your skin and blood flow. Using a terry mitten or a soft whisp, rub the legs in slow circular movements from your foot going up. You can massage your breasts, belly, shoulders and back. Pay close attention to the problem areas. Rub them with the use of a stronger brush for about 3 minutes. Once you’re done rubbing, you have to massage these areas, but be cautious not to beat or sting yourself up as this might cause bruises or injury on the tissues.

To get the best results, rub and massage your body using strong, but tender movements and begin from the top gradually going to the foot.

Anti Cellulite Bath Treatment

Water can be the number one assistant when it comes to the battle against cellulite. Baths containing anti cellulite solutions as well as contrast showers are good options. For toning effects, baths that have seaweeds, horse tail and horse chestnut extracts with abstergent are the key solutions. Taking baths with lots of essential oils can be done as well. For example, rosemary oil helps in increasing blood circulation and blood flow. Juniper oil can help get rid of excess liquids and geranium oil has exceptional toning properties.

You can also try this recipe for an anti cellulite bath. Mix 5 drops of cinnamon oil with half a glass of milk or warm cream. Add it to hot water. Take this type of bath for around 5 minutes. Remember to take a contrast shower as it can help in blood circulation stimulation.

Anti Cellulite Vacuum Treatment

Anti cellulite vacuum treatment is among the most popular treatments available. On the other hand, a lot of people are also doubtful if this is really effective. This kind of cellulite treatment is designed to get rid of toxins, stimulate your lymphatic system, increase blood circulation, lessen the appearance of cellulite and tone the skin. This could be applied to every cellulite problem area like the stomach, buttocks, arms and thighs.

Multiple sessions with this kind of cellulite treatment could help break down the fatty deposits and help tone the skin as well. This will help make cellulite appear smoother. Anti cellulite vacuum treatment works through pulling the skin from the muscles using the vacuum pump. Heated massage is applied to make the skin as well as surrounding tissue become suppler.

This service is provided in medical spas and even accessible readily in the consumer market. You can find handheld devices especially designed to do this kind of treatment. The secret behind the anti cellulite vacuum treatment is the use of laser and light therapy that lessens the appearance of cellulite. The treatment produces tighter, toned and smoother skin. It also remodels the skin, so it looks younger. This is a painless process and requires a string of treatments for you to see results.

Almost everyone today is trying to find the best cellulite treatment that really works. If you want to do it the natural way, try to change your eating habits. It’s necessary to stop eating junk foods. When you say junk foods, it is not just about candy, brownies, ice cream or chocolate, but also about French fries, fast food, hot dogs and hamburgers. These are only some examples, but you can get what junk food means.

Start eating fresh fruits and green vegetables. These kinds of foods put important nutrients back into the skin and give you the energy you need to do your daily activities. When cellulite is bothering you, these nutrients assist to repair the damage caused by the cellulite.

Another strategy that you can benefit from is exercise. It’s important to get blood circulating around in the body. When blood flow is increased, it will transport oxygen that’s vital for the skin. One of the best ways to exercise is to set a schedule for it. You can start off with cardiovascular exercises at least three times every week and increase it over time. Although it will take some time, you will begin to see results as time goes by. Always keep in mind that nothing can be achieved without exerting some effort and hard work. The same goes for treating cellulite.

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